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Thank you for your interest in the Journey Church Internship Program!

Our NEW internship program is designed to be an exciting, intense, and unique ministry opportunity with hands-on-training in practical areas of ministry and involvement. We’re searching for up to 12 of the most passionate and gifted people to join in our intern experience.

If all you're looking for is a great paying job with benefits, this isn’t the place for you. But if you're interested in being a part of an incredible move of God, if you want to see Him use you in ways you never imagined, working here is one of the highest privileges you’ll ever experience.

When most people think of an internship, they have visions of busy work-fetching coffee, picking up dry cleaning, making copies. But at Journey Church, we’re looking for contributing members for our team. Oh don't worry, you'll work hard! After all, changing the world is hard work, but you'll also get to see the Kingdom of God advanced because of your efforts.

It’s a calling. It’s a privilege. And above all, it’s a chance to be empowered. We have no desire to raise up a generation of great coffee makers. We want to raise up a generation of world changers and leaders. People who are awakened to the God-given potential inside of them to make an impact for the glory of God using whatever gifts God has placed inside of them.


Journey Church is a growing, cutting edge multi-site church in Corpus Christi, TX with a passion and a vision to “Know God, Find Freedom, Find Purpose and to Make a Difference in our Community”. We are providing Internship opportunities where you will receive personal development, as well as witnessing and impacting lives being transformed through the power of faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Journey Church Internship Program is designed to give participants ministry experience, as well as a glimpse into the life of someone in ministry. Participants will gain valuable experience while working alongside Journey staff members.  HE STORY

God placed a vision in the heart of Pastor Dean and Jane Bearden to plant a church in Corpus Christi, TX that would dominate the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The vision became a reality in 2008 as families gathered together to make the dream come true. ICATION PROCESS



Those interested in the internship program should have a growing relationship with Christ, passion for the emerging generation, a learner’s mentality and a desire to be a team player
. He or she must be
a self-starter who takes initiative; be willing to take risks in life and ministry; have a sense of the gifts and abilities God has given them; and have 
a minimum of a High School Diploma/or GED. 
Some leadership experience in ministry, either at a staff level or as a volunteer, is desired, and a sense of calling in ministry is essential.

Ages of Acceptance: 17-27






As a staff at Journey Church we operate with these values towards internship.



  • We believe that development has to be intentional.
 Our development as people and as leaders must involve a focused and purposeful approach, not haphazard busyness.
  • We believe that we need to develop leaders, not use leaders. Too often, internship programs are used as a breeding ground for grunt labor. We recognize this tendency and want to insure we are pouring into our interns’ lives.
  • We believe that development takes place within the context of ministry. Development of leaders must involve practical application to and work within an active ministry context for it to be useful.
  • We believe that development takes place within the context of relationship.Development of leaders always involves a series of key relationships including peers, ministry leaders, and outside mentors.
  • We believe that emerging leaders need proximity to leaders.
Oftentimes the most significant thing we can do as developing leaders is to simply be around other more mature leaders to learn by observation and through relationship.
  • We believe that development must be holistic.
 Development must address a range of issues including personal, theological, ministry skills, and missional development with the aim of developing the whole person.
  • We believe that development must be broad-based but individually focused. 
It is obvious that no programmatic plan will absolutely develop every person engaged in that plan.
  • There must be individually tailored elements alongside the broad-based plan.

 We believe that Journey Church needs the presence and input of emerging leaders to be dynamic and vital in ministry.
 Just as we hope to pour into your lives as interns, we recognize that you will dynamically shape us as a church for the good of our life and mission.



All interested applicants are required to submit the Internship Application along with a recommendation letter from the Pastor you are currently serving under. Applicants will be notified if they have been chosen for the Internship Program.


Intern positions will require a time commitment of at least 20 Hours per week (Monday – Thursday), plus serving on the weekend. All Interns will have a role that requires them to serve at our weekend Worship Gatherings on Sunday at either one of our Journey Campuses.

Spring semester 2016 - Begins March 14th, 2016 and ends Dec 25, 2016. Application deadline is March 11th, 2016. EEKLY ROUTINE & DEVELOPMENT PLAN

The weekly routine will vary depending on the Intern’s ministry area and the needs of the specific Intern position. The Development Plan will include personal teaching directly from Senior Pastor Dean Bearden and the Journey Pastoral Teaching Team, character development coaching, leadership training, weekly Bible teaching, spiritual fasting, community outreach, participation in an Connect Group and excelling in a dynamic culture. OS




Interns will choose to specialize their training into one of three Ministry Tracks. Interns will receive special coaching and experience in their chosen Track. The three Ministry Tracks are:

  • Worship, Media, and Production
  • Student Ministry (Kid’s Church, Middle School and High-School)
  • General Ministry (First Impressions, Ministry Teams, Church Administration, etc)


  • Assist an oversight pastor in shaping the vision of the ministry as a member of the leadership team. This include weekly leadership team meetings.
  • Oversee at least one major area of the ministry (e.g., connect groups, worship, etc.) and mentor leaders in that area.
  • Develop and launch new initiatives alongside the pastor in this area.
  • Actively participate in the leadership development through ministry initiative, reading, and experiences.
  • Lead or participate in a connect group.
  • Mentor at least 1-2 people in ministry and personal development.
  • Participate in the weekly Journey staff meetings and additional studies.
  • Help with the general administrative needs of the ministry.
  • Engage in outside ministry activities like platform ministry, speaking opportunities, etc.



Do Interns work on Sundays?

All Interns will be a member of our Dream Team (campus volunteer teams) serving at our Worship Gatherings on Sundays at either campus. The department supervisors will determine the role for each Intern position.


Will Journey help Interns with housing?

Journey does not offer housing opportunities at this time.


Will I hear from someone immediately?

You will receive a confirmation email upon submitting your application. Due to the number of applications received we will only contact applicants we choose to interview.


Do I need to have a car?

We strongly encourage interns to have their own transportation. The majority of responsibilities of our interns require them to have a reliable form of transportation. This ranges from daily job responsibilities, being able to get to and from work and serving on the weekends. However, depending on the circumstances, we understand those who do not own their own transportation. Therefore communication is vital within each case scenario.

What can I, as an intern, expect of Journey Church?

  • A workplace equipped with appropriate tools; access to a computer, email, fax, files, etc.
  • Clear communication about expectations and progress, including weekly accountability.
  • Prepared and enthusiastic training by leadership.

 What are the benefits of becoming an intern?

  • Hands on experience in the realities of serving on a proactive and growing church staff.  
  • In-depth leadership training by the pastoral staff.
  • Accountability and mentorship with a Journey staff member.
  • Character Development
  • Growth and development in personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Ministry practicum in one of the designated departments.



  • Commitment of nine months: March 14, 2016- Dec 25, 2016
  • Personal devotions.
  • Attendance to and active participation in all events, meetings, appointments and services.
  • Complete weekly requirements from Ministry leadership and development assignments.
  • Mandatory participation in one/two off-campus trips: (Church camp and or Ministry Conference)
  • Dating: The purpose of our internships is focused pursuit of the Lord, intensive discipleship, and rapid spiritual growth. We recommend that you avoid as many distractions as possible during these nine months and put your relationships on hold. We believe that your relationships will be stronger by spending these nine months fully focused on God.
  • Employment: The internship needs appropriate commitment in order to be completed successfully. It is recommended to plan ahead and budget your money for the duration of the internship. If you must keep a job you are still required to attend and participate in all Internship activities. Your work schedule should be worked around your internship duties not the other way around.
  • Personal expenditures: Interns are required to have sufficient funds to cover all personal and living expenses incurred throughout the internship. No funds or support is provided by the church or any affiliated churches, ministries, or persons.
  • Facebook and other social media: Refrain from using Facebook or other social media for the following: slander, gossip, venting, crude or sexual jokes, and the like. Interns should also avoid petty arguments, disputes and quarreling as they are unbiblical and are counter-productive for what this internship is all about. (Titus 3:9, 2 Timothy 2:22-26)
  • Personal appearance: Interns are expected to uphold a clean, modest, and non-distracting appearance in their dress for all meetings, services, and gatherings.


  • Pens/pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Folders
  • Laptop










I, ________________________________, as a Journey Intern, make the following pledge:

1. I PLEDGE to diligently pursue the spiritual opportunities and engage in spiritual activities that will help me grow in my own relationship with God and become better equipped to serve and minister to others.

2. I PLEDGE to remain open to the dealings of the Holy Spirit in all areas of my life that are consistent with Christian character and true godliness.

3. I PLEDGE to be responsive to the authorities that God has placed over me during this season of my life including the church elders, pastors, and Journey Church Internship Program leaders.

4. I PLEDGE to apply myself whole-heartedly to my intellectual pursuits, to use the full powers of my mind for the glory of God and to maintain a spirit of excellence in all that I do.

5. I PLEDGE to be responsible financially for the commitments I have made and to those to whom I have made them.

6. I PLEDGE to refrain from dating during the duration of the program, unless currently engaged. This includes developing and nurturing any type of intimate relationship
(verbally, physically or emotionally) with a person of the opposite sex. My focus will be entirely dedicated to developing an intimate relationship with God.

7. I PLEDGE to abstain from all immoral and illegal acts and habits, whether on or off church property. I will not drink alcoholic beverages of any kind. I will not use tobacco. I will not engage in any other behavior that is contrary to Christian conduct.

8. I PLEDGE to cultivate good relationships socially with others, to do my part to resolve conflicts that may arise, and to seek to love others as I love myself.

9. I PLEDGE to attend scheduled meetings, ministry sessions, seminars, and all required special events, and to attend church services as prescribed, which includes tithing 10% of my earning to Journey Church.

10. I PLEDGE to abide by all of the guidelines and standards of conduct as outlined in the Journey Church Internship Program and other guidelines issued in oral or written form by the Journey Church Internship Program Director.  


Applicant’s Signature __________________________Date______________________

Journey Church Program Director Signature __________________________________





Application for Admission


Date of application ________________

First Name ______________________________   Last Name_____________________________________

Address ___________________________________ City ________________ State _____Zip____________

Home phone _______________________________ Mobile phone ________________________

Email _____________________________________ ____________________________________

Date of birth (MM/DD/YY) _________________ Age ________


Father/guardian ______________________________________ Phone ___________________

Address ___________________________________City _________________State _____Zip ___________

Mother/guardian _____________________________________ Phone ___________________

Address ___________________________________City _________________State _____Zip ___________


Name of home church________________________________

Denomination ____________________City _________________ State ______ Phone_________________

Name of senior pastor__________________________________________

Name of pastor currently serving under____________________________

Have you accepted Christ as Savior? __________ Date: _______________


Have you been baptized in water? __________ Date: _________________




Name of High School attended _____________________________________________________________


Name of College attended ________________________________________________________________

Graduation Date __________________City/State/County_______________________________________




Worship // Student ministry // General Ministry

Reason for this choice: ____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Why do you want to be a Journey Church Intern? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

What do you hope to benefit from your time as an intern at Journey Church? ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

Please write a short autobiographical statement including the following information:

A. Salvation experience
B. Desire for Christian service
C. Why you wish to participate in the Journey Church Internship Program

D. Goals and desires for the future










Intern Applicant Signature: ___________________________________________________________


Name: ________________________________________Phone Number: ______________________






The information I have given is correct and you may verify the information listed if necessary. I understand that if I am admitted to the Journey Church Internship Program, I will be a volunteer at will and Journey reserves the right to disqualify me from the Internship Program any reason it deems appropriate. I hereby release and hold Journey Church harmless from all claims arising under this application.

Applicant Print Name: __________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Applicant Signature: ____________________________________________


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