Our Team

Grayson Bearden

Areas of Ministry: Worship/Students/Creative/Gathering Production/Project Management/Social Media/Multi Campus Development

Joined Journey Staff: February 2015

Family:  Dean (Father), Jane (Mother), Matt (Brother)

Saved: My mom and dad prayed with me to accept jesus when I was in elementary school.

Education (optional): Orange Grove ISD, American School of Correspondence

Previous Line of Work: Ballet Dancers

One of the Things I Find Most Interesting: God doesn’t just use the best, brightest and most impressive to accomplish His purpose on earth.  He uses normal people, and He receives the glory He deserves. 

Recommended Reading (optional): How to Worship a King (Zach Neese), Jesus Is (Judah Smith), My Name is Hope (John Mark Comer), The Blessed Life (Robert Morris)